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so doods...

Yea I'm like srsly freaking out here. I should be doing my Physics lab report since I won't be home to do it. I also have like 20 surveys to bullshit before 1 tomorrow. I would go to bed now if I knew that I would wake up at 730 like I am supposed to. But I know that I won't be able to do it. I have like 2 projects due this week... zomg... having to work this weekend totally killed my time so I couldn't do much. I had it all planned out... and then it kinda went to hell... as it usually does. I'll be lucky if I can manage to get everything done. A physics lab and data due tomorrow, plus a group meeting. Two group meetings and presentations on Tuesday (or Thursday... still don't know which), physics hw to finish before 9, then two papers to write that are due on Thursday and then my Advance Ex Phys final on Friday... holy shit I'm already freaking out in my head. I can't wait for this week to be over. It makes me glad I'm working Saturday morning. I'll have the rest of the day to myself.

and OMG I can't stand watching Andy play LoZ OoT... it annoys me for some reason. I think it's because I know how to do everything and I know what needs to be done and the order to do it in, and then to watch him play is so painful. He so very easily frustrated and yea I get mad to at the game sometimes, but you have to admit some of the fault does lie with the player, and I will admit when I am at fault. It was so bad to watch him fight Phantom Ganon and to play through the Fire Temple. If he gets upset that easy with the first two, then I refuse to watch him play the Water Temple. I will give him one hint and let him figure it out on his own. But omg if he disses the Water Temple... which I finally have respect for... the gloves will come off.

Speaking of OoT... I have srsly lost all respect for Ganondorf... like srsly I have. His ultimate goal is to get the Triforce... and basically rule over Hyrule... but dood... there is nothing in Hyrule... NOTHING. Hyrule is a land locked country and we don't even know what is beyond it's borders... we assume Termenia is around somewhere... but where? So it's like wtf are you doing? And apparently Hyrule was a war torn country when Link was born... but every one seems pretty happy.... I mean idk... as much as I love OoT... I have begun to question it... and I think it's because I've been playing Majora's Mask... and coming back to OoT after that is a hard adjustment.

Hmm... idk what else to talk about...

I think after school is over, I will work on LoL some. I don't have the time at the moment... and haven't been hit with inspiration. I'll probably also take the time to go through my LJ inbox and get it down to size before the Spring semester starts.... that semester is going to be a bitch... I can already tell... zomg I'm already freaking out.

And there is one more mystery on my mind... why have I been so tired lately? Maybe I should go to the doctor sometime... idk... need to ask mom... she may know.

LoL CotEG Chapter Four


omg.... I am almost done with Majora's Mask. w00t. All I have to do now is save the world from having a giant creepy moon from falling on it. How hard can it be?

In other news physics lab sucks. Sucks hard core like a fucking bitch. Asshole instructor decided that he wanted to have lab Thanksgiving week. Douche bag. And I am very worried about my physics exam that I had on Monday... actually I'm worried about all my exams. Hopefully I get my Advance Ex Phys back tomorrow as well as my history exam... don't know how I feel about that one. I also feel bad more missing those classes on Monday but oh well.

Not really much else that can be posted. I want to play more video games, but I don't know what to play. Have to wait till Thursday to take down the Moon. Want to show Andy the awesomeness that is the Stone Tower Temple. Hoyea betch.

Well for now I suppose I shall go. Maybe I'm work on my story some... edit chapter 4 again and hopefully post it tomorrow or Thursday... we shall see... rehehehe

so I'm not sure

But I think I did pretty well on my Advance Ex Phys exam... hopefully I did not just jinx anything. Lets see... I was supposed to study Thursday for it but Andy just had to spend the night. I love him to death and I love it when he spends the night, but omg he is a huge distraction. He went to bed around 930 so he threw me off completely. I would look at the clock and think I was going crazy. I studied some, but I was more concerned about finishing the latest chapter of LoL. I got stuck because I wanted to create days of the week, and months and seasons for my story. (I can't believe I'm investing so much into this story...) So because my story has some Scandinavian flavor combined with the fact I am too lazy to create my own Pantheon, I did some research and found the best website ever. www.godchecker.com, and ZOMG this place is made of epic win. I couldn't even begin to describe it. Anyway after some research got a list of Norse gods and a few Slavic gods for shits and giggles. After that I finished the chapter and then studied a little more and then around 1 or 2 I went to bed. The moment I laid down, Andy turned over and wrapped his arms around me. It was so cute. Anyway, he had to wake up at 6 to go to work, and after he left I was going to get up and study, but I gave myself one more hour of sleep, but all I did was toss and turn, finally getting up at 7 only to take a 20 minute nap at 8. Got through my exam okay I think, went to my others classes played some LoZ MM, went to work. Then after I got off I picked Andy up from his place and he spent to night again.

Saturday morning/noon, we got to make breakfast only to have a wild encounter with possessed Mexican jumping sausages. I would flip them over and them they would roll themselves back over or jump. I took one out of the pan to see if it was done, and as I cut it it jumped. Andy and I were sketched out and nom'd them up. We then took a nap, and I have no idea why, but he was extremely tired. So we wake in time for me to get ready for work. I drop him off and go on my merry way. I get half way to work and traffic has stopped and there is a helicopter that is landing at Tweetsie. And in the span of an hour I move not even half an hour. So I am very late to work by now, and as I near the wreak, the police are telling us that 321 is closed and that we need to go back to Boone. So I do. And hour later around 7 I venture back out to see if I can go to work, but my boss says not to come in cause the detour takes to long, so I wasted all that fucking time. By then I could have gone to the rock band party at a friends place, and I almost regret not going but oh well... I at least beat the Great Bay Temple in Majora's Mask. w00t. I still don't know how bad that wreck was.

Then today, I go to work, and on my way I drive past Andy and we wave at each other, and I continue on my way to work. I stop to at the gas station for foodz and then head on to park, and when I do, I see Andy's car parked diagonal to mine. Needless to say I was shocked, and then here he comes bouncing over to my car. We hang out for about 10 minutes when he invites to have dinner at his place. And that was that, but I had a huge grin on my face at the surprise. It made me so happy that he did something like that. I feel even more in love with him at that moment. Work is alright. Kay was understand of why I needed time off, Kelly was still a twit, and not troll anybody, but our boss wants to fire her, and now she has reason as she let her boyfriend stay in the store after the doors were locked and she was counting the money. And this happened twice. I hate working with her so much sometimes. After work, came home, made something to take to Andy's, went over there and had a decent time.

And now I am here. I should be studying for my Physics exam, but obviously you can see that I am not. I don't know what it is but I get super fucking distracted all the time. I will study some before bed, mostly the math, concepts I'll study tomorrow morning before Advance Ex Phys. I would consider skipping my history class, but he may pass back our midterms and I'm a little worried about it because I don't think my essay was as good as I wanted in to be. And that map was silly... liek srsly.

Anyway, I fare thee well...

lol overtime is GOD

Lol idk what to put here now... shit happens every day... no body really likes to hear every one bitch and moan about their lives.

Skipped class again today... well my 11 am class because I thought it was going to be males only, but I guess not since he sent an email saying the females needed to come in... um really... think you might want to send that email a day ahead good sir... just is case. Went to my 330 class but it was kinda boring... missed that class completely last week. Didn't go to my Advance Ex Phys class yesterday morning... or history cause I was sleeping so well. Andy left some pillows and a blanket from when he spent the night Sunday and I slept so good after left for work. Sadly I went to physics class... and had a blast in lab... NOT!!!! Dude our lab instructor is totally sketchy.... sketchy as fuck... my lab mates and I have come to the conclusion he get's high in the stock room with his mistress.

In other news I had to register for classes yesterday and when I tried to register for Fund. of Organic Chem it wouldn't let me for some odd reason, so I emailed the prof (who every one says is really hard... and this sucks cause I have no choice in picking my prof cause there was only one section) and she was so mean sounding. I later figured out what I did wrong, I was picking the wrong lab section. Half of the labs were for chem and bio majors only. And I was picking the wrong one. Well once that got fixed I got into the class. So OMG I'm so scared. I also decided to retake Advance Ex Phys with a different prof so hopefully I'll get a better grade. I know I need a D min to get into Sports Nutrition... but I won't be prepared for it. At all.

I should be studying for my history exam at the moment, but I was thinking about writing a scene for a later chapter in my epic LoL and I'm talking to two friends and I don't want to leave. Since I'm not feeling that tired, I may pull an all nighter and take a nap when I get home before I go to work. I have four chapters read and a map to memorize. Not cool but this is what I get for playing video games instead of homework. But...


Okay I'm done. lol.

LoL CotEG Chapter Three

so hey yeano

I hate being poor. I really do. I have 800 dollars I can't touch cause of rent and student loans and other bull shit and on my card, I only have 3.62.... yea so about that return to Calvin Klein... when will I get my money back? I kinda need it. Oh I can ask my mum for some munny but that was a week ago. Then Monday she was like oh there is 50 dollars left over after all the bills have been taken care of. Orly... then how come I don't have 53.62 plus 15 something... like really guys? Really? Fuck you.

I'm skipping class as I type this... I'm sorry Nikki does not want or approve of Under Water Weighting. Hell no. I hate being in my bathing suit around people. I can't even hold my breath underwater much less expel all the air out of my lungs and then sit there while some machine calculates my weight, lung volume, and percent body fat. I already know I'm fucking obese... damn. I may not look it, but that's what it says. The only consolation that I have is that I have lost a lot of weight since high school. It took a couple of years, but I did... mostly thanks to my sex life but whatever.

Hm... Halloween was a blast. Got drunk but it was so fun. Paid for it the next day but whatevs. Still worth it if ya know what I mean. :D

Huh... what else to write about.... well I worked on LoL some last night and I have chapter 3 finished. Sadly it's only a page long, but I felt like it was enough to get the Hero from Point A to Point B and to introduce some new players. I then started working on chapter 4 and I have about a page and a few lines for that and there is still more to come for that chapter. Hopefully I'll be able to write chapter 5 soon. Who knows. I really don't have an outline for it. It started with the prologue and it was meant to be a stand alone. Then a friend wanted more, and I had like 18 other titles so I was like what the hell, and wrote the next chapter. Then when I knew who all the important characters were, I wrote the ending. As so because of that I never really had an outline. I just knew I wanted to get from the beginning to the end.

Anyway I think that is enough for me.

Ta ta!

P.S. There is a lot of other bullshit that has been going on but here in this entry is not the place for it... maybe some other time.

P.S.S. Majora's Mask is still a bitch.

Physics, Germans, life oh my

So last week I took my first Advance Ex Phys test... idk how well I did, and honestly I don't want to know. Then I've taken two more exams yesterday and today. Physics was yesterday and it was a bitch and I think I failed. The one I took today I think I did pretty good on. So we'll see. And then on Monday I have a history exam. Just so much going on.

I could go on about a certain someone who displeases me, but that is too much for this drama llama.

It three weeks, Andy and I will be going to visit my grandfather. I am so excited. And we'll be going the German restaurant and it will be yummy and awesome. I can't wait.

lol idk what else to put here except that so far life is going okay... for now.

RIP Ginger-poo

One of our dogs passed away this morning. My mom called me last night to tell me they would be putting Ginger down. It came as a very sudden shock. Last time I had saw her she seemed fine. She had some kind of kidney infection and it was only a matter of time. I feel like such a horrible person. But I will always love and cherish her, and all my other pets that I have know and the one who are now up in the stars.

Physics II

Classes have begun and I'm already overwhelmed. I should be doing my physics homework but I can't stand it... nothing ever makes sense in that class.... why can't the book be helpful when it comes to solving problems? It gives a few examples on how to solve a small problem and then for one section it gives 30 problems asking you to solve something you have no fucking clue about... idk but it pisses me off... on the bright side I like all my other classes... I got drunk the other night and I talked to by bf about all the things I had learned so far and I came to the conclusion I feel more smart when drunk... I also tend to get very emotional as well... lol

Anyway.... idk what else to say. I don't know when I'll be getting another chapter of LoL out... it might be awhile due to school, but I shall try.... I shall try...

OMG can't for my meine Kagome to get here... 4 days... well 3 days and counting... lol

g2g so I can get to bed soon...

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