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So lately I have been playing Final Fantasy X and I have to say it is pretty awesome. Back in the day I used to be really into it and then I had to stop because of school. Which makes me wish I could hurry up and graduate. In my opinion it isn't happening soon enough. Anyways, back to what I was talking about. Playing FFX has reawakened my love of Auron. I can't express how much I <3 that man. Probably about as much as I love Andy. This then led my to my rediscovered OTP for this game. Auron/Tidus. zomg idk why I like this pairing so much. It used to be Wakka/Tidus, but I think it changed to Auron, due to my love of older, ruggedly handsome men. So because of this I have been looking for fanfiction. I rediscovered the Spira's Light trilogy, in which Tidus wasn't a dream, but is real and is a summoner. I <3 that fic... even thought it is Wakka/Tidus. But then on my quest to fanfiction.net I stumbled upon a fic that <5 because <3 and <4 just isn't enough. Actually I think I <infinity it. AND most importantly it is Auron/Tidus. That fic made me giggle so much. I almost wish there was a sequel or another FFX fic buy that author. Another thing I have become obsessed with thanks to this game are the Al Bhed. I want their swirly green eyes, and their language is awesome. One day I might do a journal entry in Al Bhed, and I know I will have a book of face status message in Al Bhed and it will be awesome sauce. Well nothing else to write here. At least I don't think so unless I jinx something! ^_~ p.s. I <3 the Hymn of the Fayth hardcore.

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