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updates as per usual

Lets see...

1. It is still snowing here in Boone, not cool. I need to go to the mall and return something so I can has munny, so speaking of...

2. I officially hate Bath and Body Works. I went there the other day to get some hand lotion, but that failed so I kinda wondered around the store. Then I found this candle that smelled wonderful and I got it thinking that all candles were 50% off... well no they weren't. So I go back to get a price adjustment, and I also take some other candles back so that I can exchange them for new ones. Then I find out that they are not going to sell the Butterfly candles, like ever. Which pissed me off immensely. Then I find out that they were going to get rid of P.S. I love you. ZOMG hate. Not fair.

3. I am sick and have been for about a week now. Which sucks srsly hardcore.

4. I now have FF IV which is awesome sauce, and now I want III. I pre-ordered Golden Sun for the DS and I have munny to pay that off as soon as it comes out. Should go check that out soon too.

5. I don't know what else to update on. I got my text books for this semester. And I learned that I made a D in the class I thought I was going to fail. I am still going to retake it because I need a C min to do my internship. I then found out that the Sports Nutrition class I am taking during the summer is only during the first session, which means I am free to go on that beach trip. ZOMG I am so excited.

6. I am been cleaning my room, and I need to finish that today before my room mates come back. I also need to wash this blanket of theirs. Andy and I kidnapped and now I don't want to give it back. So I shall go to Voldemart and get one myself.

Well let me away before things get worse around here. Laters.

P.S. I will squee about Sherlock Holmes later.


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