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hokay drama llamas

So much drama I don't know if I want to begin telling the story. So I'll outline instead.

1. Drifted in the snow on the way to Andy's work. SO worth it though.

2. We got snowed in together. It was awesome... until Sunday. Didn't get to go home for Xmas with the family and to see my grandfather before he left for Germany. Didn't get to go see Alex to give him my Xmas gifts. Oh well... I'll get to hang with him on his Bday.

3. My car was buried in the snow. Was not fun. Kent and Emily came over to help. They are life savers.

4. Andy and I got into a fight. He had a melt down. He thought he may be homeless... that problem seems to be resolved for now. That is all I can say on the subject with out going into so much detail that I'll be here for hours explaining it.

5. Final Fantasy 6 is awesome. Terra's Theme. Beautiful. I'm going to use that song to walk down the aisle.

6. Still don't have anything for my Kagome for Christmas.

7. Trying to plan for a wedding is stressful work.

8. Kelly is betch for leaving early today to go on her 9 day vacation to Miami.

9. I feel so accomplished in Kingdom Hearts cause I created the ultimate weapon. Omg lol.

I think that is all the updates for now. If I think of more I will list them here at a later date.

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